Since 2009, I have used my red moleskin to record recipes and take notes in and I still want to refer to it and continue recording in it as I'm cooking but blogging will allow me to record and with photos and to make comments in retrospect (which for me ALWAYS provides insight(s) not always seen nor felt in the moment especially while multi-tasking - as is required during a whole of day of canning a variety of produce).


Dark Maroon Tomato Sauce - cooked after having been frozen for 3 days after sitting out for about 3 days ... half thawed on car ride home from Ottawa and with half put into the same slow cooker w the large ceramic pot on high that evening (Tue) and the next half in the evening following this (Wed) ... Friday morning I began canning them ...
[FULL POT = 7-500ml jars]

Bright Red Tomato Sauce - cut & cooked on high in slow cooker for the day and canned early evening
[FULL POT = 7-500ml]

Yellow Tomato Sauce - cut & cooked in pot on stove for the day - canned early evening

Zucchini Marmalade - used recipe in BerNARdin magazine but substitute candied ginger in syrup sliced directly into the slaw for fresh in cheesecloth (it didn't gel) ... canned early evening
[3-500ml + 1-125ml]
17 Sept 2011

Semi-Spicey Tomato Sauce
Reduced a day in crock pot. Salt added along with one jalapeno - orange and 1 yellow mini-chocolate from the garden (put in cheese cloth - left in for half a day).
1-500ml jars, 5-250ml jars

Plum Jam
A see-through produce bag full of plums with 3/4 cup of water and 3 cups of sugar).
4-250ml jars, 3-125ml jars

Pure and Simple Tomatoes
lemon + salt added as per all of the above tomato sauces
(lots of red fig)
slow cooked in Wolfgang Puck Versa Cooker 11 hours

2 large 1-litre jars
am boiling 50 minutes just in case these are 1.5 litres
2-500ml jars