Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weck Jars Inventory

2-2.5Litre Large Tulip Jars (good for fermenting foods)
6-500ml Large Mold Jars
12-5.6oz Mini Mold Jars - salmon - 165 ml
12-2.7oz Mini Mold Jars - 80ml

12 extra steel clamps

Rubber Gaskets
6 large
6 medium
6 small

Plastic Lids
1 large
1 medium
1 small

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 3 canning 2011 - Tomato Sauce + Garlic Marrow Soup

Here's a website with information about Zucchini Soup and Pressure Canning

White Garlic Marrow Soup w Onions
(no salt)



2 large 1-litre jars
boiling 50 minutes in case 1.5 litres
2-500ml jars

pure and simple tomatoes
(lots of red fig)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

semi-spicy tomato sauce & plum jam

I put tomatoes from a few weeks ago that I'd frozen into the hot pot yesterday. The skins pop off when they thaw. I left some skins on that weren't tough. The pot was less than half full but I didn't want to put the tomatoes I just picked in with them ... some are still ripening. I'll deal with them tomorrow before leaving for the studio. I bought the plums at Ko Organic Fruit Shop on Roncesvalles. They are my favourite jam I think. I've never made cherry jam though - it might be if I'd attempted it.

Semi-Spicey Tomato Sauce
1-500ml jars
5-250ml jars

Plum Jam
4-250ml jars
3-125ml jars

There are some small jars of both in the fridge since not everything fit into the hot bath pot. Nice to have the extras out and needing to be eaten immediately.

Labelled! Still warm but into boxes and lined up on the stairs they go now. I didn't label the others I did on 9 Sep so I can now tell them apart (especially the spicey's which I've never done before but know I'm going to like.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Two pots on the stove. In the small pot are all the yellow and green tomatoes from the last haul, chopped & simmering on the back burner. It provides a nice colour change to the red and tastes quite fresh. It supposedly has a lower acid content than the red which is good for anyone with dietary issues.

In the big pot at the front is a zucchini marmalade that I've altered the recipe to ... from the BerNARdin Guide to Home Preserving magazine bought at Canadian Tire along with most of my canning gear. Instead of using fresh ginger and putting it into a cheesecloth bag with the pith, I've sliced candied ginger in syrup and added it directly into the zucs, oranges, lemons and sugar. Even after hours on a slow boil, it never gelled - there was little liquid left though so I was able to spoon it over the top of the slaw. I will use it as a condiment with cheese and foie gras.

At back are jars of dark tomato sauce that was in the slow cooker on high for 3 days total (I would only have it on high for 2 days if I did it again - I think) or maybe on low for 3 days). That said, I need to taste it on pasta to see if the flavour is too deep. It's a work in progress. I will dilute it with another sauce if necessary. I like the colour and think the layers of flavour will prove to be good so it was worth experimenting.

I made a simple syrup using organic golden cane and threw in a dash of pink salt harvested in the Andes Mountains to give it a caramel taste. I poured the boiling syrup over the tomatoes and let them stew for over an hour then placed them in the dehydrator on high for a few hours with thick cut zuc chips dipped in syrup as well (eaten & not shown)!

There is not a whole lot to say about a pot of pure chopped tomatoes slow cooking and filling your home with the rich smell of Summer harvest that reaches deep into your soul and touches your bones with the shiver of Autumn ... hmmm

... maybe there is ...

I'll leave it up to your imagination now ...

I have finally figured out a system for labeling - writing directly on the lids with a laundry 'sharpie' works well with the metal lids because they can only be used to seal the jars once (I'm not sure yet how I'll label my Tattie Lids which are reusable - I have to find a label that stays on yet is easy to remove once it's done it's job - the ones I got a year ago from Lee Valley already look like they've lost stickiness.


All in all - yesterday's annual first day of canning went well. There are dirty dishes galore piled on the floor waiting for some soap and water ... and the kitchen, dining and living rooms look like a pack of wild animals were let loose to party in them ... other than that ... smooth as dupioni silk!

Note to Self - get a gel mat for the kitchen sink/stove area. Woah was Me & my aching back!